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At Helbing Law Group, our entire law firm is dedicated solely to champion the rights of consumers and individuals in need of assistance with their debt or financial issues.

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We make it our business to know how financial companies, debt collectors, and their lawyers process and litigate cases.

What most people don’t realize is that there are a multitude of strategic legal defenses available to consumers when they are sued for their financial liabilities.

Not only have our lawyers been successful in getting lawsuits thrown out of court or settled, we have also been able to get thousands of dollars in damages on behalf of our clients due to the negligence or fraud.

Oftentimes, lawsuits are filled with negligence, misrepresentations, and fraud, things that most consumers don’t even know exist. Financial companies have teams of lawyers and employ law firms throughout the country to process their cases at lightning speed.

Statistically, more than 95% of lawsuits go uncontested, meaning the company will win a default judgment and can then garnish wages, bank account balances, or even take away people’s cars. These companies know this, and therefore frequently file erroneous lawsuits without regard for accuracy or proper legal procedures.

Erik Helbing

Erik Helbing

Erik Helbing is the founding principal of Helbing Law LLC, a practice specializing exclusively in consumer rights, which includes foreclosure defense, credit collection defense, and bankruptcy. Having represented countless clients in numerous complex consumer rights matters, his experience and dedication ensures the best possible outcome for his clients and their families. Accordingly, Mr. Helbing’s depth of knowledge and experience in these areas is an asset and his counsel and expertise is appropriately leveraged by the firm.

EDUCATION:  Syracuse University College of Law   University of Scranton

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